Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries

Evangelist Laurice A. Vance-Carr

2023 Outreach Calendar- Kingdom Connections

  Outreach Opportunities

Kingdom Connections   St. John 15:4-8

30th Ministry Anniversary Year 2023

Sister to Sister Global Outreach Ministries 

 OUTREACH Ministry Branches

Church Without Walls    May I Pray for You



Founder & Director, Evangelist Laurice A. Carr

Outreach Overseer, Elder Wilbert Carr

Ministry Website:

Phase One Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

January - May 2023 


Pittsburgh, PA Director Evg. Carr

Nursing Home Ministries in Pittsburgh, PA

Pennwood Nursing Home 

Manor Care Nursing Home 

Chadwick Nursing Home

Seneca Nursing Home

Cornerview Nursing Home 

West Hills Nursing Home

Sisters of the Poor 

Homeless Shelters Ministries in Pittsburgh, PA

Bethlehem Haven Women’s Shelter

Greater Pittsburgh Women’s Shelter 

Highrise Senior Ministries in Pittsburgh, PA

Frank Fello Highrise

Douglas Plaza Highrise 


Buffalo, NY Director Minister Andrea James 

Nursing Home Ministries in Buffalo, NY


Terrance View Nursing Home

Homeless Shelter Ministries in Buffalo, NY

New Life Resident Women’s Shelter


Rochester, NY Director Sister Pat Proctor 

Nursing Home Ministries in Rochester, NY

Cobb Hill Nursing Home

Homeless Shelter Ministries, Rochester, NY

Salvation Army Women’s Shelter 

Niagara Falls, NY Director Elder Vicky Bennett

Nursing Home Ministries in Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Rehabilitation Nursing Home


Palm Bay, FL Director Minister Victoria Wingard

Homeless Shelter Ministries in Palm Bay, FL

Serene House Women’s Shelter 

Important Ministry Information:

Monthly Business Conference Call:  Last Saturday of every month from

January - August @ 6:30pm

(605) 475-5900 Access Code 394241 *6 to mute and unmute

Ministry 30th Anniversary: We will celebrate with a pre-celebration in February

and a Grand Banquet will be held on Saturday, May 20th in Pittsburgh

Tickets $35 per and colors White and/or Pink. This will be listed under our Special

Events Ministry

We Care Prayer Ministry:  Every Thursday at 6:15 pm over the conference line

Fasting Friday’s:  Fasting until 3pm for Our Pastors, Our Children & The Bridge


Bridge Cancer Ministry: Special Prayer Teams will continue; We will plan group


Together Ministry:  We will plan group ministries & fellowships throughout the


Seed Offerings:  We are asking everyone to give a $10 monthly seed offering or

a one-time $120 offering for the year. *Special offerings will be received as

needed for the Bridge Ministry patients

Missions: We will continue to support the Girls Orphanage in Haiti with $100

monthly and The Blessing Foundation Medical Center Project in Uganda with

$120 monthly

Ministry Mentoring Available: If you are interested in mentoring, please

contact Evg. Carr @ 716-444-6351

Ministry Sabbatical Time: During Sept-Dec. We will take a rest time break

and plan for 2024


Phase Two Summer Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

Church Without Walls: We will discuss and plan in April 2023

May I Pray for You Prayer Stations: We will discuss and plan in April 2023

Travel Schedule:  We will discuss and plan in April 2023

Thank you for your faithful service to the Outreach & Evangelism Ministry!