Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries

Evangelist Laurice A. Vance-Carr

Church Without Wall Outreach Fellowship Crusades

        9th Year Anniversary June 2023





Evangelic Outreach Crusade for Souls, Fellowship and Community Outreach with preaching, testimonies, singing, prayer tent, and unity fellowship with food and beverage


Outreach Leaders: 


Elder Wilbert Carr, Outreach Overseer

Evangelist Laurice Carr, Founder & Director


 2023 Outreach Theme: “Kingdom Connects” Acts 15:4-8


Phase 2 “Taking it to the Streets”

{June- July- August}


Schedule will be added in May 2022


  History- Testimonies... 

Church Without Walls Kick off June 27, 2015
Praise God for our First Church Without Walls and the new ministry implemented "The Outreach DO Team". 2 Souls were saved and Praise God for that!


Church Without Walls July 25, 2015

 Look What The Lord Has Done! 20 Souls were saved, 18 men and boys and 2 women. To God Be The Glory! Special Thanks to all of the collaborating ministries and the Citywide Outreach Team for all of your hard work and financial support. Praise God for the Unity in the Spirit and for the Preacher who delivered the word of God, Elder Breuford and Pastors Joan and Phil who provided the altar calls. To Elder Carr who lead the way and of course Evg. Carr who coordinated. Amen.


Church Without Walls West End August 1, 2015
Our First Collaborative Church Without Walls Service was held at The Way The Truth The Life Ministries Of Pittsburgh, Pastors Eugene & Donna Turner on Saturday, August 1, 2015. Led by Minister Debbie Boyd. We are so proud of our West End Team. Report: 250 people stopped for prayer and 2 souls were saved. We look forward to the next Church Without Walls on the West End soon!

Church Without Walls Grand Finale August 29, 2015
Praise The Lord for our final work of 2015. We prayed for 3,063 people this summer in 12 weeks, 59 souls were saved and 178 people attended our last Church Without Walls, 16 souls were saved at the altar and 25 bibles were given out in the prayer tent. Thank the Lord for a wonderful Outreach 2015. We plan to expand and extend our Church Without Walls in 2016.


Church Without Walls Kickoff June 18, 2016

Today at the Church Without Walls Crusade, the message was delivered by Pastor Matthew Lawhorn titled, "The Ultimate Makeover" and the service was held on the parking lot at Victory Temple Original Church of God, 2824 Graham Blvd, Penn Hills Pa. 278 people stopped for prayer and 3 souls were saved. One came to church the next morning and gave his life to Christ. To God Be The Glory! We ask for your continual prayers as our next Church Without Walls Crusade will be in McKeesport Pa on this Saturday, June 25th.  Pastor Phyllis James will be our speaker.

Church Without Walls June 25, 2016

Praise the Lord! Today at the Church Without Walls in McKeesport, PA we prayed for 180 people and 5 souls were saved. We had 6 churches working together in unity. The work was sponsored by Nehemiah Ministries and our speaker was Pastor Phyllis James. Our location was The Crawford Village Apartments and our Choir and Praise and Worship Team was from Trinity Church of God In Christ, where the Pastor is Bishop James Foster. The choir did a wonderful job bringing us into the presence of God. We say to God be the Glory! 657 people stopped for prayer and 15 souls were saved during the month of June in Outreach.  Please pray for our Aftercare Follow Up Teams as they will be on the phones making contact with people.


 Timing and Structure of service

10:30am Set up team will set up the location for the service with sound system, tents/prayer tent, chairs and tables

12:30 music played over the sound system

1pm start time with opening prayer, praise and worship; prayer tent will be opened; testimonies; praise dance; along with prayer tent recording secretary’s report; Several appeals for salvation will occur throughout the crusade

2pm preached message will be presented; the final altar call will be presented at 2:30 pm. Food Fellowship will be served after the message until 3:30 pm with music. End time 3:30-4pm (cleanup time)

 Special Teams

·       The DO Team- Willing workers (*2 Captains have been assigned to lead the team)

·       After Care (Follow up committee)

·       Outreach (We will be available to provide training)


Prayer and Fasting

Beginning in June Friday’s will be designated as outreach unity prayer and fast days, we will also provide all teams with a list of prayer concerns.



We will work from February – May with you to put the program and plan together.


*May I Pray for You “Taking It to the Streets Outreach” begins June - August

11:30- meet for prayer and consecration

12-1pm May I Pray for You?  Prayer Stations

·       4 Corners Witnessing

·       Street Witnessing

·       Door to Door Witnessing



Training Sessions Available Upon Request


Evangelist Carr (716) 444-6351