Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries

Evangelist Laurice A. Vance-Carr

Ministry History


Sister to Sister Global Outreach Ministries

Celebrating 30 Years 

                Kingdom Connections

Chapter 1 (Buffalo, New York)

Chapter 2 (Pittsburgh, PA)

Chapter 3 (Raleigh/Durham, NC)

Chapter 4 (Painsville, OH)

Chapter 5 (Maryland/DC)

Chapter 6 (Rochester, NY)

 Chapter 7 Columbus, OH

 Chapter 8 (Beaver Falls, PA)

  Chapter 9 (Palm Bay, FL)

Chapter 10 (Niagara Falls, NY)

International Works in China, Korea and Liberia

Ministry History & Highlights

In March 1993, Sister to Sister first began within the Paradise House Shelter for Recovering Women as a weekly bible study under the sole direction of Sister Laurice Vance-Carr Founder and Director.

 In September 1997, Sister to Sister moved to the Cornerstone Manor Homeless Shelter with 4 teachers and 4 prayer partners and was formed the Sister to Sister Ministry.

 In February 1998, Sister to Sister moved to the Alive Christian Center and was renamed the Sister to Sister Group Ministries, reaching and teaching women from all walks of life.

 In April 2003, Sister to Sister was renamed the Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries. 

 In September 2007, Sister Vance-Carr moved from Buffalo to Pittsburgh, Pa and in October 2007, Sister to Sister began in Pittsburgh, PA forming Sister to Sister Chapter 2.  

 In July 2008, Sister to Sister began in Durham/Raleigh, NC forming Sister to Sister Chapter 3 and in August 2008 Sister to Sister began in Painsville, OH forming Sister to Sister Chapter 4. 

 In September 2008 Sister to Sister began in Maryland/Washington forming Chapter 5 and in October 2008 Sister to Sister began in Rochester, NY forming Chapter 6. 

 In April of 2010, Sister to Sister formed its first international chapter in China (Singapore). 

 In January of 2011 Sister to Sister formed chapters 7 in Columbus, Ohio and chapter 8 in Beaver Falls, PA.  2 additional international chapters were also formed in Korea and Liberia under the leadership of Evangelist Laurice Vance-Carr.  

 In June of 2015 Sister to Sister formed a new ministry entitled “Church Without Walls” a Crusade for Souls within the city of Pittsburgh and our newly formed Chapter 9 was formed in Palm Bay, FL (near Orlando, FL).

In, January of 2020, Sister to Sister  formed a new ministry titled "The Bridge Ministry" a outreach ministry for Breast Cancer Awareness and Advocacy and Training.

In January of 2021, Sister to Sister formed a new ministry titled "Together Marriage & Relationship Ministry" an outreach ministry focused on better relationships. 

In January of 2022, Sister to Sister formed it's Back Door Outreach Ministries serving snacks to local nursing homes and women's shelters. 

In January of 2023, Sister to Sister began in Niagara Falls, NY and formed our newest Chapter 10.  And celebrates 30 years of Evangelistic Outreach Ministries. 

About Our Founder & Director Evangelist Laurice Carr

Evangelist Laurice Carr is a known servant of the Lord throughout the East Coast for her willingness to serve others as unto the Lord. She is a well sought after speaker for Women’s ministries and Conferences.  She is a business woman who knows the power of networking and sharing and has helped and mentored several women in ministry development as well as within the business arena.


Evangelist Carr is the Founder and Director of the Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries in the United States, China, Korea and Liberia.  She founded and coordinated the Buffalo Citywide Outreach Team, the Pittsburgh Citywide Outreach Team “May I Pray for You”, the Ministry of Compassion and gives leadership training for developing soul winners for the Lord all over the world.  She is very excited about her newest work entitled “Church Without Walls” a Crusade for Souls given to her by the Lord to win the lost on the streets of Pittsburgh in 2015.  She is a mother of two sons: Guy age 32 and Andre age 31 and one precious grandson, Daniel age 7.  


Evangelist Carr left the city of Buffalo for Pittsburgh in 2007 and has excelled in the work of the Lord, enlarging her territory and vision. She works professionally as an Executive Administrator at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Research Institute in Pittsburgh, PA and on May 7, 2011, she married the love of her life, the wonderful Elder Wilbert Carr of Pittsburgh, PA where they now serve together in marriage, ministry and in life.