Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries

Evangelist Laurice A. Vance-Carr

Will Resume After COVID



Nursing Home Ministry


Visiting the Sick and Shut In



Nursing Home Visitation Service


We are dedicated to reaching out and making an impact on the lives of those shut in by way of providing a one hour inspirational uplifting service and bedside ministry, praying for the needs of the patients in their rooms within nursing homes.   


We also have a testimony service, to allow the residents to share their faith while providing an opportunity for them to give God all the glory, followed by singing by the Outreach Choir of songs of  Praise & Worship and Spiritual Hymns. 


Visiting the Sick


On 4th Saturdays of each month we have dedicated this time of outreach to visiting the sick and shut in, within our family, friends and churches that we may encourage those who are sick with visitation and prayer.   (This is done during our Phase 1  Schedule)


 Nursing Home Schedule


Pittsburgh, Pa

1st Saturday @ 3pm   

*During the months of January –May 

*Worship Service Outreach 

The Heartland Manor Nursing Home

 550 S. Negley Avenue

 Pittsburgh, Pa


2nd Saturday @ 2pm    

*During the months of January – May 

*Worship Service Outreach 

The Village at Pennwood Nursing Home

909 West Avenue

Wilkinsburg Pa


Buffalo, New York

3rd Saturday @ 3pm    

*All year

*Bedside Ministry 

The Terrance View Nursing Home

462 Grider Street

Buffalo, NY 14215


Rochester, New York

2nd Saturday @ 2pm    

*During the months of January – May

*Worship Service Outreach 

Cobb Hill Manor Nursing Home 

1175 Monroe Avenue

Rochester, NY  14620


Palm Bay, Florida

 3rd Sunday @ 2:30pm    

 3rd Thursday @ 6pm (bedside ministry)

*During the months of January – August 

*Worship Service Outreach & Bedside Ministry

Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center

1515 Port Malabar Blvd NE

Palm Bay, FL 32905