Sister to Sister Outreach Ministries

Evangelist Laurice A. Vance-Carr

  Outreach Opportunities



“Ministering Within” January 1, 2019- May 31, 2019

Everyone is asked to be on TIME for all Evangelistic Works!


Pittsburgh, PA

Homeless Shelters:

Greater Pittsburgh Women Shelter 

Bethlehem Haven Women’s Shelter

Mother’s Day Dinner: Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner: Thursday, November 21, 2019


Nursing Home/Highrise Visitation Ministry

o   Pittsburgh Chapter will go to the Heartland Manor Nursing Home on

     2nd Saturday @ 3 pm (Jan-May)

o   Pittsburgh Chapter will go to the Pennwood Nursing Home on

      2nd Saturday @ 2pm   (Jan-May)    

o   Christmas Cards and mints will be to both Nursing Homes 1st and 2nd Saturday’s in December.

o   Elder and Evg. Carr will teach bible study at the Hacp Finello Highrise on  3rd Thursday @5pm with the seniors

o   Visitation Ministry- We will use 4th Saturday’s to visit the sick and shut in

 Special Assignments:

o  February 23, 2019-  Retreat @ Prayer Mountain with Elder Reid

o  March 23, 2019-  Church in the Round Outreach Fundraiser Breakfast – Elder Reid; Pittsburgh Pa

 Buffalo, NY

o   Ministry on Sabbatical until June 2019

  Rochester, NY

o  Rochester Chapter will go to the St. Anne’s Nursing Home 2nd Saturday@2pm and provide bedside visitation. We will pass out Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Cards to the residents. (Jan. – Aug. at 2pm)

o  Christmas Cards and mints will be provided for the nursing home on the           2nd Saturday in December.

o  Rochester Chapter will continue to work with the ESWA Outreach in the          ministry of outreach and ministry of helps.   Annual ESWA Spring Family              Brunch on Saturday, April 13, 2019. 

 Palm Bay, FL

o   Palm Bay, FL Chapter will continue to go the Anchor Care and Rehabilitation Center on 3rd Sundays @ 2:30pm  and will provide a bedside visitation on 3rd Thursdays @ 6pm.


o   Christmas Cards and mints will be provided on the 3rd Saturday in December.


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