May I Pray For You? Outreach Prayer Stations

May I Pray For You Prayer Stations

“May I Pray For You?”

Mark 16:15...

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world,

and preach the gospel to every creature.

Street Witnessing/Prayer Stations

(June – August: Saturday from 12pm-1pm)

Prayer Stations: 13 weeks from June – August

Stations consist of 2 or more people who are positioned on a particular street corner/spot for prayer (we call them “prayer stations”). We take a bible, a sign that says “May I Pray for You?” a clip board (for a list of names and phone numbers of those we pray for that day) and tracks. We are on the station for one hour from 12pm to 1pm to pray for the needs of the people in our community. *On the last Saturday of August, we like to combine our team in a group effort outreach we call “The Grand Finale”.

The Reaction

People honk their horns, get off bus, some pull over their cars and others just walk up to us for prayer and an encouraging word for the day. Once a person approaches our prayer stations they are asked if we can pray for them and after receiving their prayer request, our team prays for them and asks if they have accepted Jesus into their lives as a personal savior. If they are not saved we walk them through the plan of salvation offering the sinners prayer as a guide. Someone from our team records the person’s name and phone number for our aftercare team (follow up). Our stations take place on Saturday’s so we invite those we have the opportunity to pray for, to attend our Sunday morning worship service with us (invitation to fellowship).

After Care (Follow Up Ministry)

Names and phone numbers are given to the follow up committee to follow up with those who gave their lives to Christ during the outreach. A call should be made within the week and the caller should provide an invitation to fellowship (church) and pray with the newly saved and encourage him/her to attend bible study and prayer services that they might grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. *This approach only works when the people give us the correct phone numbers.

"DO" Team (Willing Workers Who Do Whatever Is Asked)

Do Team Members, are servants members who do what is needed with a good positive attitude with no questions asked, after receiving instructions from the team captains. We like to call these our willing workers who go above and beyond the call of duty to help with the work of the ministry. We sincerely thank God for these workers who help to lighten the load for the leaders and the team.

For more information Contact:

Evangelist Laurice Carr @ 716-444-6351 or

woman wearing red sweatshirt looking at top between trees near grass during daytime
woman wearing red sweatshirt looking at top between trees near grass during daytime