The Bridge Breast Cancer Ministry

We support all cancer patients; our main focus is breast cancer patients.  If you know of a patient you want to add to our Bridge Ministry, please contact Evangelist Laurice Carr. 

“Bridge Discussions”

Breast Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Training Outreach Ministry

Talking Goals

-We will have more talks and conversations

-We will work with a Team of Breast Cancer Doctors & Researchers, Survivors and Care Takers to provide Knowledge

Listening Goals

- We will listen to gain knowledge

Responding Goals

-We will respond and take proper actions and initiatives to save lives. (End Result)

Discussions will address these areas:

Talking, Listening and Responding (The Bridge)

This is NOT a one and done conversation

How can I help my community with resources?

Who has the resources needed (INFORMATION)?

How do we reach all generations and genders?

Ministry Collaborators include:

To host a Bridge Discussion or Meeting at your Church, please contact:

Evangelist Laurice Carr @716-444-6351 or